Our Library offers the following services on a regular basis:

  • Public & Private Reading Sections
  • Reference Section
  • Books Stock
  • Services  (Lending books & Career guidance)
  • Teacher`s Resources & E-books Section on Digital Library
1. Silence is to be observed in the library.
2. The school maintains a students library for students from std I and above.
3. Students are not allowed to keep any book for more than 15 days, unless they are re-issued.
4.  No book can be re-issued unless it is actually brought to school.
5.  Books are issued for the use of the borrower only.
6. Students are excepted to take utmost care of library books. Therefore, they should be examined by the borrower before leaving the class or library.  If a book is damaged, the librarian or the class teacher must be informed immediately. Damages  sustained by the book while out of the library will be laid to the borrower’s account and he or she will have to make good the damage.
7.In case of absence, the library book must be brought to school on the day when the student attends the school.
 8.Failure to return a book on the expiry of the period of 15 days will involve payment of a fine of Rs  10/- per day (inclusive) of holidays and Sundays.
9 In case of a holiday, the library book should be submitted on the following working day.
10. New book will not be issued unless the old ones is returned.
11.Pupils are expected to read at least 10 books during the year.
 12.Students should not exchange the School library books among themselves.
 13.Before asking for a new book, students must have their old books duly crossed out in their library card.
 14.It is strictly forbidden to write any remark in a book. Writing of any kind in the books or even underlining of words is punishable with a fine.  If there are any such marks in the books already, they should be shown to  the librarian or to the class teacher immediately on the receipt of the book, and not later.
 15. Reference books will not be issued.
 16.No student is allowed to bring his/her personal books, or bag in the library.  Only a note-book will be allowed, with the permission of the librarian.
 17. Students should maintain a library copy where in they write a central idea of the book