Withdrawal/ Dismissal

  •  WITHDRAWAL                                                                                                                                                                                     1.  If a child has to be withdrawn from school, parents are requested to give one calendar month’s notice in writing, failing which one month’s fees will be charged in lieu thereof. Exceptions may be made in case of sudden transfer of a Government or Military Personnel.
  • 2. Transfer Certificate will be issued at the written request of the parents after clearing all dues.  A fee of Rs 100/- is charged for issuing TC, LC or any other extract from the school register. Caution money will be refunded within a month after the receipt of withdrawal notice.  However, it will lapse if the amount is not claimed within six months by the payee. In matters of admission, reports cards, promotions, detention, fines and penalties etc. The decision of the Principal will be final, and binding on all.
  • 3. All dues must be cleared and books and other school property items returned, before the child is withdrawn and transfer certificate obtained.
  • 4. For withdrawal after Apr 30, fees for two months, i.e May and June will have to be paid.  
1. Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:-
              (a)          Indiscipline.
              (b)          Unsatisfactory progress in work.
              (c)           Detention or repeated detention in a class.
2. On non-payment of school tuition fee for three consecutive months/one term the name of the child will automatically be struck off from school rolls. Fresh admission will have to be sought on payment of re-admission fee along with all previous dues.